API Overview

Our REST+JSON APIs enable customers and third party developers to integrate with Frederick. Possible uses include:

  • Syncing customer and transaction data with Frederick
  • Provisioning new merchant locations
  • Updating marketing settings and merchant preferences
  • Custom reporting

Before you can use our APIs, you must have been issued an API Key, Client IDand Client Secret. If you plan to sync data with Frederick, we will also issue you a Data Source Name.

  • You will be issued credentials for both Staging and Production environments.

Method-level API Documentation

The complete list of available API methods may be found by clicking one of the links under the API Viewer menu in the side bar.

API Rate Limits

  • Up to 5,000 requests per day, per access token (user or location)
  • Up to 10 requests per second (global for your API Key)
  • If you exceed either of these limits, you will see an HTTP status of 429 returned on your next request

These limits help us ensure system stability and defend against denial of service attacks, and should be more than enough for the majority of use cases. If these limits don’t suit your use case, please let us know.

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