Frederick’s Staging Environment

We have created a “Staging” environment for you to experiment with the API and test your integrations without sending out marketing campaigns. The staging environment works the same as production, except that all marketing campaigns are intercepted before they are sent.

  • Staging is “safe” environment – no marketing communications are sent from staging, so you may test at will
  • Please create test accounts only on Staging, not Production

Creating a Test Account on Staging

  1. Navigate to the Frederick’s Staging site:
  2. This site is hidden from search engines via a global username and password. If prompted for credentials, they are:
    • Username: frederick
    • Password: staylocal
  3. Create a test account of your choosing by signing up using an email address and password
  4. Once you’ve created your account, you will be walked through the process of setting up a Frederick Business Location
  5. You can find your new Location’s ID by looking in your browser’s address bar or on the Data Sources page of the setup wizard

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